20 February 2011

Oh for smellivision, right now ..

No Bisto in this kitchen,
but you get the idea!
I'm well known for poo-poohing new technology, but I can tell you that the minute someone comes up with reliable smellivision, I'll be there.

If you could smell my kitchen at the moment, it'd make your mouth water.

I've just taken out of the oven, a Nectarine, Plum & Amaretto upside-down sponge, for our dessert.

As if that weren't enough, there's also a chicken poaching in fresh chicken stock, issuing forth gorgeous chicken, celery, garlic and parsley fragrances.

As if THAT weren't enough, there's also a Potato Dauphinoise in the oven.

Of course, I might be good for nothing by the time I've made the stuffing and the yorkshires and got it all ready to be dished up .... (hope not, though!).



  1. Oh This is good ...Have'nt seen them since i was a kid...good old days..bet you got the oxo next ..*W*(jed)

  2. "The Bisto Kids" come up in conversation so often here, I thought it would be good to remind ourselves what they look like! :)


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